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Good Night

I'm tired of this and hating it all
I'm sick of being pushed up against the wall
For once in my life I'm fighting back
And I pray that God will cut me come slack
As I push out and try to live

Lord, give me peace that only you can give
Fogive me if I go against your will
God I just want to serve you still
No matter how hard my life may get
God, I want you to be the center of it

Thrown once again into the race of time
Lost in this world with less then a dime
Allowed to rely on God alone
Without Him life would not be known
Father hold me close in your arms of love
And draw me near to your thrown above
Keep me safe within your care
Lord never let me leave from here

Jesus you are my only hope
God give me the strength to cope
With the problems of my life
But Lord please don't allow it to cause me strife
You alone are in control
Help me Father to let go
Of my life and will to surrender only to you
Help me God to be made new

Forgive me Father of all sin
Help me Lord to grow within
Your love and joy forever strong
Help me Lord to go on
You're my strength my will to live
Father now I need to forgive
Those who have hurt my soul
God I know I need to let it go
Into the past where it belongs
Where I can leave it with all past wrongs
Out in the sea of forgetfulness
Where once forgotten it is never missed

Lord this is my prayer today
Help me now to live what I say
Keep me near Father to you
And help me Lord with all which I go through
And now it's time to say goonight
And pray the Lord to bless my flight
Into the darkest night unknown
Where now I am sent so I can be shown
The glory of our Lord most high
Who not a soul can disprove or deny

Is shinning in the darkest spots of where the sin
Is deep and even there His love and glory
are seeping in
To fill the lives of those who need Him most
Now I pray and leave it up to the Holy Ghost
To guide me in the way of the Lord and to bless my spirit with truth
For now it is time to go and bask in His eternal youth
This brat is now going to disappear
Into the Lord without fear
Of being hunted or raped or beat
For now she is sleeping at her Father's feet
He will protect her from all harm
And hold her safe with His powerful loving arms.

Written by: Jen Rose-Lane For permission to use this or any other works by the author email her at:

Kουράστηκα και μίσησα τα πάντα
Βαρέθηκα στριμωγμένη πάντα να είμαι
Γι' κόμη μια φορά προσπαθώ να επιζήσω
προσεύχοντας στο Θεό να με βοηθήσει λίγο.
καθώς προχωρώ προσπαθώντας να ζήσω.

Κύριε, παρακαλώ δώσε μου ειρήνη που μόνο εσύ μπορείς να σκορπίσεις
Συγχώρεσε με αν ενάντια στη θέληση σου πήγα
Σίγουρα τώρα πια θέλω μόνο εσέ να υπηρετήσω
Δεν έχει σημασία πόσο σκληρή η ζωή μου μπορεί να γίνει
αρκεί μόνο εσύ Θεέ μου στο κέντρο της να είσαι.

Ακόμη μια φορά στη δίνη του χρόνου ριγμένη
χαμένη στον κόσμο αυτό χωρίς βοήθεια καμιά
με μόνο μου στήριγμα το Θεό μονάχα
υπάρχοντας μόνο από θέληση μονάχα δική του
Στις αγκάλες του μόνο προσβλέποντας στο θρόνο του ψηλά ως είναι
Κύριε κράτα με ασφαλή στη φροντίδα σου από κοντά σου
ποτέ μη μ' αφήσεις.


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